Construction Site Theft

With the growing population in the Minnetrista area there is going to be more construction.  With more construction there is more opportunity for construction theft to occur.  Some of the most common items stolen from work sites are:

  • Heavy equipment and trailers
  • Lumber
  • Hand and power tools
  • Appliances
  • Copper
  • Tile

The main reason these items are stolen is because of the high resale value of the items.  In order to prevent the theft of these items, some simple steps should be taken.

For heavy equipment such as backhoes, ditch witches and other movable items, make sure the keys are not left in the vehicles when they are unattended.  Do not leave the keys in the vehicle and lock the doors thinking no one will break into the vehicle.  Have your equipment marked and make sure you have the serial/VIN numbers copied and in a safe location.  Lower all of the blades and buckets to make it harder to move the vehicle when it is not in use.  Lastly, use wheel locks or immobilizers to make it harder to move the trailer or equipment.

When you have lumber, copper, tile or tools on-site, try to lock up the items when someone is not around to watch the items.  Place tarps over large piles of wood to conceal the lumber at night.  If a garage is available at the location, place the items into the garage.  Lock up any tools in secure sheds or storage areas.  Encourage all employees to either lock up their tools after work or take them home with them.  Lastly, post NO TRESPASSING signs on the location to deter people from walking into the work site.