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Mound Area Regional Sewer Improvements

November 26, 2018 Update
Emergency Services Coordination Update, June 29, 2018

Mound Area Regional Sewer Improvements Update April 19, 2018

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Mound FM Sewer Improvements Handout
Metrocouncil Construction Map

Project Detour Map

November 26, 2018 Update

Crews will close CR 44 to all traffic at the Halstead Bay Bridge starting at 6 a.m. Wednesday, November 28. If you live south of the bridge, your only access will be to/from the south, using Hwy 7. If you live north of the bridge, your only access will be to/from the north, using CR 110/Bartlett Blvd. This closure is necessary for pit excavation and winter tunneling under the channel. The tunneling is a long process - the road is expected to remain closed at the bridge until approximately March 2019.  

Crews will reopen CR 44 near Shady Ln. to local traffic. Crews will begin pit excavation for winter tunneling under the Halstead Bay Bridge.

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This project is not a City of Minnetrista project, rather a Metropolitan Council project.  Information is posted if/when it is provided to the City by the Metropolitan Council. For the most up to date information, visit the project page

Lotus Drive Reconstruction

November 27, 2018 Update

Lotus Drive is open to all traffic. This week, permanent traffic control signs will be installed, and utility location beacons will be installed along the MCES sewer line.
Remaining work items planned for completion in 2019 includes: final lift of pavement, median walk pavement, final fine grading and turf establishment.

Construction work is dependent on weather conditions, and rain events may delay work schedules.
The Lotus Drive construction and Metropolitan Council project work is coordinated with City and Met Council staff on a weekly basis.

***Due to the nature of the construction, the full width of Lotus Drive is closed from CH 44, to the turn North for the entire duration of construction. Trillium Ln is accessible from further North on CH 44, and the West end of Lotus Drive is accessible Woodland Cove Pkwy.

Lotus Drive Detour Map
Lotus Drive Reconstruction Plans
Lotus Drive Construction Newsletter April 20, 2018

The master development agreement entered into by the City of Minnetrista and Woodland Cove in April 2012 provided, among other things, for the construction of certain improvements to Louts Drive in conjunction with the 1st phase of the development that abuts Lotus Drive or in which the alignment of Lotus Drive is changed.  That requirement was triggered at the time of Woodland Cove 2nd Addition, but the developer, Woodland Cove, and the City agreed to postpone the Lotus Drive project until Woodland Cove 3rd Addition in order to allow for coordination with other public improvements to be constructed in the vicinity.  The developer recognizes that the Lotus Drive project must be completed in conjunction with the completion of other public improvements.  The City entered into a construction agreement with Mattamy Minneapolis LLC which outlines the responsibilities of the parties involved with respect to the improvements.

Along with the construction agreement, the City entered into a cooperative agreement with the Metropolitan Council (MCES), whereby the City, through the developer (Mattamy), would also reconstruct certain portions of the MCES force main located along Lotus Drive.

Halstead Drive Improvement Project

November 28, 2018 Update

The Contractor has finished paving the streets. The remaining work to be completed in the spring includes: proper restoration along the street and next to driveways, removal of erosion control devices once appropriate amount of seed has grown, and other miscellaneous items.

Construction is dependent upon weather conditions, and rain events may cause interruption of work.

Halstead Drive Newsletter July 3, 2017
Project Update Halstead Drive Street Improvement Project

Tuxedo Road/Enchanted Lane Street Improvement Project

November 28, 2018

The Contractor has finished paving the streets and has restored the driveways. Signs are scheduled to be installed November 30, 2019. The remaining work - such as placing dirt next to the road and removing the black erosion control logs along the side of the road - will be completed in the spring.

**All construction work is dependent upon weather conditions, temperature and precipitation.  If there is inclement weather, the scheduled work is delayed to the next day.**

Newsletter August 21, 2018
Newsletter September 11, 2017

Tuxedo Boulevard Construction Update and Detours

Project Update Enchanted Lane and Tuxedo Road Street

Questions? Please contact Matt Havlik, the City Project Construction representative at 612-246-9347, or ; or City Engineer Alyson Fauske at 763-512-5244, or; or the Project Manager Nick Guilliams at 651-286-8468 or .