Construction Updates

Lotus Drive Reconstruction

September 26, 2018 Update
The Lotus Drive medians at Trillium Way are scheduled for construction today, Tuesday, September 26, 2018 (delayed due to rain last week). Trillium residents will need to use the access at CSAH 44 and Trillium Lane East for a few days while this construction occurs. The first layer of pavement has been constructed, the guardrail should be completed today, and the contractor will be working on grading and seeding this week and next week.

September 17, 2018 Update
The Lotus Drive medians at Trillium Way are scheduled for construction Tuesday, September 18, 2018 (subject to weather conditions.) Trillium residents will need to use the access at CSAH 44 and Trillium Ln East for a few days while this construction occurs.

September 12, 2018 Update
The contractor is constructing the aggregate base for the roadway and grading ditches along Lotus Drive through the end of this week. The first layer of bituminous pavement on Lotus Drive is scheduled to occur on Friday, September 14. Paving from CSAH 44 West past Trillium Way is the first priority, and paving will continue west to the end of the project. The existing aggregate segment of Lotus Drive north of the west bend in the roadway will also be paved as part of the project.


August 30, 2018 Update

The contractor continues roadway work West of Trillium Way, on excavation and subgrade improvement, and aggregate base construction. The subgrade work and aggregate base will take 1.5 to 2 weeks to complete with the first layer of pavement following soon afterward. At this time, Lotus Drive is planned to be opened to traffic between Trillium Way and CSAH 44 to assist access during the Metropolitan Council work at Shady Lane and CSAH 44. 

Construction work is dependent on weather conditions, and rain events may delay work schedules a few days.
The Lotus Drive construction and Metropolitan Council project work is coordinated weekly with City and Met Council staff on a weekly basis. Met Council staff attend and participate in the Lotus Drive construction project with City and contractor staff every week.

August 17, 2018 Update
The Contractor has mobilized their roadway crew and is beginning excavation, subgrade improvement, and road construction work from CSAH 44 moving to the west. The subgrade work and aggregate base will take 3 weeks to complete with the first layer of pavement following soon afterward. At this time, Lotus Drive is planned to be opened to traffic the last two weeks of September. 

Due to the nature of the construction, the full width of Lotus Drive is closed from CH 44, to the turn North for the entire duration of construction. Trillium Ln is accessible from further North on CH 44, and the West end of Lotus Drive is accessible Woodland Cove Pkwy.

Lotus Drive Detour Map
Lotus Drive Reconstruction Plans
Lotus Drive Construction Newsletter April 20, 2018

The master development agreement entered into by the City of Minnetrista and Woodland Cove in April 2012 provided, among other things, for the construction of certain improvements to Louts Drive in conjunction with the 1st phase of the development that abuts Lotus Drive or in which the alignment of Lotus Drive is changed.  That requirement was triggered at the time of Woodland Cove 2nd Addition, but the developer, Woodland Cove, and the City agreed to postpone the Lotus Drive project until Woodland Cove 3rd Addition in order to allow for coordination with other public improvements to be constructed in the vicinity.  The developer recognizes that the Lotus Drive project must be completed in conjunction with the completion of other public improvements.  The City entered into a construction agreement with Mattamy Minneapolis LLC which outlines the responsibilties of the parties involved with respect to the im provements.

Along with the construction agreement, the City entered into a cooperative agreement with the Metropolitan Council (MCES), whereby the City, through the developer (Mattamy), would also reconstruct certain portions of the MCES force main located along Lotus Drive.

Mound Area Regional Sewer Improvements

Emergency Services Coordination Update, June 29, 2018
May 18, 2018 Update
April 26, 2018 Update

START DATE POSTPONED-  Update April 24, 2018
Mound Area Regional Sewer Improvements Update April 19, 2018

Local Reisdent Access Information

Mound FM Sewer Improvements Handout
Metrocouncil Construction Map

Project Detour Map

Mound Area Sewer and Lift Station Improvements Project Update:

September 17, 2018
Beginning the morning of 9/17/18, County Rd 44 will close from Lakeview to Shady Lane. This closure will last approximately 1 month. The access for emergency vehicles around the project will be, from the north, Lakeview to Shady Lane back onto CR 44 and from the south, Shady Lane to Lakeview back onto CR 44. This is not the detour for normal traffic, they will still use the detour to St. Boni and back to CR 44. There are 2 addresses that are in this closure area, 4340 and 4350 CR 44. They can be accessed from the north side of the closure. 

For Mound, traffic will be routed back to the north and all lanes of traffic reopened for the southern closure, this includes the bridge. There will be paving the next 2 days on Westedge Blvd. and CR 44, please be patient if you run into the paving crew. They will direct you on which side of the road to use.

You can sign up for project alerts directly to your phone or email. Visit the Metropolitan Council's website for more information.

Information is posted if/when it is provided to the City by the Metropolitan Council. For the most up to date information, visit the project page

Halstead Drive Improvement Project:

September 25, 2018

Completion of bituminous paving Halstead Dr/ Farmhill Dr has been delayed due to rain.

September 12, 2018 Update
Bituminous paving of Halstead Dr/Farmhill Dr Mainline is scheduled to occur September 17 through September 20. Topsoil and seeding on Farmhill Drive to follow the final layer of pavement, as well as striping and final punch list. 

September 6, 2018 Update
Concrete curb and median walk for the roundabout has been completed. The project continues this week with grading and topsoil, watermain work, and pavement patching. 

Construction is dependent upon weather conditions, and rain events may cause interruption of work.

City Staff and the City Council appreciates your patience with this project.

Halstead Drive Newsletter July 3, 2017
Project Update Halstead Drive Street Improvement Project

Tuxedo Road/Enchanted Lane Street Improvement Project

October 15, 2018 Update
The Contractor was working on the guard rail on 10/12/18 and was originally scheduled to do work the week of 10/8/18, but was unable to proceed with the majority of the work due to the rain.  Completion date is expected to be 10/31/18.

**All construction work is dependent upon weather conditions, temperature and precipitation.  If there is inclement weather, the scheduled work is delayed to the next day.**

***Tuxedo boat launch will be closed beginning October 1, 2018 and remaining closed through the duration of the construction project which is expected to be approximately 2 weeks.***

Newsletter August 21, 2018
Newsletter September 11, 2017

Tuxedo Boulevard Construction Update and Detours

Project Update Enchanted Lane and Tuxedo Road Street

Questions? Please contact Matt Havlik, the City Project Construction representative at 612-246-9347, or ; or City Engineer Paul Hornby at 651-286-8453, or ; or the Project Manager Nick Guilliams at 651-286-8468 or .