Force Main Breaks

Published on Nov 20, 2017 at 12:27p.m.

On the nights of Wednesday (11/15) and Thursday (11/16), the City of Minnetrista Utility Department responded to two force main breaks. A force main is a pipeline that conveys wastewater under pressure from a lift station to a point where gravity flow can commence once again. These breaks both occurred on Shady Lane just south of Lakeview Drive and a nominal sewage discharge did occur with runoff flowing into Lake Minnetonka. As per legal protocol, the Minnesota Duty Officer was informed of both spills shortly after the breaks were found. The breaks were repaired, the excavation area was back filled, and the road re-surfaced the following day. Water samples were taken from the HOA boat ramp and the HOA beach areas These samples were sent to Twin City Water Clinic Laboratory for testing and show a slight elevation in Coliform and E. Coli levels. The elevation is not enough to warrant any follow-up cleaning procedures and these test results were sent to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency as procedure dictates. These test results are also available for review at City Hall. Questions can be directed to City Hall at at 952-446-1660.

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