State of Minnesota Seeking Information on Your Internet Speed

Published on Nov 05, 2018 at 08:40a.m.

The State of Minnesota wants to know how fast your internet connection is-- and it launched a new online tool to gather that information and for you to see how you compare to those in your area. This is part of an effort to see if Minnesotans get the internet speeds that are supposed to be available to them, and to identify gaps in broadband coverage around the state.

The Department of Employment and Economic Development has launched the online tool to run speed tests; check and record your internet speed at

People are being asked to test their internet connections at home, work and on their mobile phones by visiting the check speed website. The results are instantly mapped, which will allow users to see how their connection compares to others in the area by the state's Office of Broadband Development. The state uses federal data and state providers and would like to see the customer perspective, comparing all three to hopefully see what the consumer experience is.

The Office of Broadband Development is charged by law with measuring and monitoring internet access levels throughout the state and this tool will increase their understanding of the consumer experience to ensure that the state is making smart investments.

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