Neighborhood Watch


crimewatch.GIF Start a Crime Watch Program on your block.  Invite your neighbors to an organizational meeting.  We'll make a presentation and help you get started.  Block parties and other activities can be planned in your neighborhood. Call the Police Department at (952)446-1131 for more info.

Established as a program of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, Minnesota Crime Watch works with law enforcement agencies to provide citizens with crime prevention information they can use to make their lives safer.

Practical safety tips people can use each day are part of the resources provided by Minnesota Crime Watch.  Some safety tips:

  • While walking or jogging, be aware of your surroundings.  Look alert and confident.  Make quick eye contact with people around you.  Dress so you can walk or run easily to avoid attack.
  • While walking to your car, have your car door key ready in your hand.  Before getting into your car, glance at the back seat and floor for someone hiding there.  Lock the doors immediately after getting into the car. Biteoutofcrime.GIF
  • Establish a watch group in your neighborhood and report suspicious activity to the police or sheriff.
  • Mount deadbolt locks with a one-inch bolt on house exterior doors.
  • Secure all house windows and doors while home and away.
  • Lock your car whenever you leave it.  Lock the trunk and lock the tailgate.  Close all windows and lock the vent wings.
  • Don't hide extra keys under your vehicle's hood or on the frame.
  • Don't leave valuables in sight inside the car.  Briefcases, sunglasses, clothing, gym bags and other valuables should be taken with you or locked in the trunk.