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"Fight Crime, Promote Safety"

Proudly serving the Cities of Minnetrista & St. Bonifacius, the Public Safety Department employs a Chief, Lieutenant, two Sergeants, nine Police Officers, two Community Service Officers and two secretaries.

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Lake Minnetonka Heart Safe Initiative

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For tips and information regarding the roundabout located at Hwy 7 and Kings Point Road.

Urban Coyotes

Driving Records

The Minnetrista Police Department has access to driving records for law enforcement purposes only.  Minnesota Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) does not allow us to provide that data to individuals or businesses.  To obtain a driving record, contact DVS at (651)296-6911.


For information regarding the partnership of Minnetrista Police and CrimeReports.

Identity Theft

A Child Is Missing

Minnetrista Police has joined forces with a new program called A Child Is Missing.  This program helps law enforcement keep the public informed if a child goes missing in their area.  The public is able to give A Child Is Missing their phone number, email address, and/or home address and they will notify you if a local child has gone missing.  If you are interested in receiving this information, please follow this link to sign up .

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Fire Departments and Area Coverage

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Safe Storage of Firearms