Residential Security

Protecting your house

Making your home safe is a top priority of most home owners.  Most people know of the simple ways to make their homes safer by locking the doors and closing the windows.  What a lot of people don't know if that locking the door might not work if the lock is not installed properly.  The following is a check list to make sure your house is properly secured.

  • Make sure any door that accesses the house has a deadbolt lock on it.   Check the strike plate (the metal piece on the door frame that the deadbolt goes into) and see that it is installed correctly.  Use 3-inch screws to secure the strike plate to the doorframe.  This will secure the strike plate to the doorframe stud and add extra strength to the door in case the door is kicked.  If possible, have a metal doorframe for even more added strength.
  • Be aware of people looking inside your house.   If you are not home, leave a light on to make it appear that someone is home.  If you are home think about shutting the blinds to protect your privacy.  Remember that at night, when it is dark and you have inside lights on, people outside can see you inside your house and you may not necessarily see them.
  • Protect your house from intruders.   Lock doors even when you are home.  Only open windows enough to let air in.  Generally, if you open your windows only six inches and secure the window at that point, most people cannot enter the house through that window.  Cut wood dowels long enough for sliding doors and sliding windows to only open six inches.
  • If you have a house alarm, set it every time you leave the house.   If it is not set, it is no good.
  • Participate in your local neighborhood watch program and get to know your neighbors.

Lastly, you can call the Minnetrista Police Department and have an officer come to your house to offer security suggestions for your house.