Streets and Roads

Streets and Roads

The Public Works Department repairs and maintains Minnetrista's 38.43 miles (approx.) of paved streets, 20.28 miles (approx.) of gravel roads and 90 miles of ditches. This includes pavement maintenance, bituminous paving, snow and ice control, signage and pavement markings, stormwater drainage, right-of-way vegetation maintenance and more.

Please feel free to contact the Public Works Department with any questions or concerns you have at 952.446.1312.

*PLEASE NOTE:  Highland Rd (paved section, 5 ton restriction) will be permanent, or until the Metropolitan Council Sewer Improvement project along CR 44 is complete.*

Winter Parking Restrictions

Winter Parking restrictions state that there is no parking on City streets between 2am and 6am daily, these restrictions are in effect from November 1st through March 31st.

Snowmobile Rules

Drivers may NOT ride on the roadway, shoulder, or the inner slope of the ditch on a state or County road, drivers may only ride on the outer slope of these roads.
Drivers may NOT ride on any City road or ditch in Minnetrista.