Vehicle Security

The easiest way to protect yourself from being a victim of theft from your vehicle is to make your vehicle less appealing to a criminal.  The following are ways to protect your valuables in your vehicle and hopefully prevent you from being a victim.

  • Remove valuables from your vehicle when you are not in it.   Commonly stolen items from vehicles are Ipods, CD players, CD's, money, cameras, laptop computers, and anything else of value.  If you leave valuables in plain sight you are letting the thieves know that the items are in the vehicle.  At a minimum, hide the items inside the vehicle to deter the theft.  DO NOT LEAVE PURSES OR WALLETS IN AN UNATTENDED VEHICLE.
  • Lock the doors.   Don't make it easy for a criminal to enter your vehicle.  Lock all your doors and roll up the windows.  If you drive a truck, lock the back of the truck if you have a topper on it to prevent theft.
  • Park in well lit areas.   Try to park your vehicle near or in populated areas to deter theft.  Thieves don't want to be seen, so light and people can deter theft.
  • Report suspicious activity immediately.   If you see something that seems out of place or just not right, call the police and report it immediately.  It could be as simple as a neighbor looking for their dog or it could be someone breaking into cars.
  • Lastly, if you have a car alarm, set it.