2021 Mediacom Extension Projects

Mediacom was awarded the Border to Border Broadband Development grant for build out to areas of Minnetrista. 

The Minnetrista project will consist of 3 separate build outs: 

(1) Ox Yoke Circle on the North side of Minnetrista

The Ox Yoke Circle extension leverages a recently completed grant project for Independence MN.  Mediacom built 7.55 miles of fiber to the home to service 105 rural Independence residences in 2020.  Plans were made to continue extending along this route into Northern Minnetrista via Ox Yoke Circle

(2) Northview Drive just up the road from City Hall

The Northview Drive extension will provide service to 9 homes along Northview Drive on up to the Southern edge of Whale Tail Lake.

(3) Farmhill Road between St. Bonifacious and Six Mile Creek

The Farmhill Road extension will provide service to 49 homes along Farmhill Road and Halstead drive which connects St. Bonifacius to Minnetrista along Six Mile Creek to the far Western edge of Lake Minnetonka.

To see if your address is included in this build out, click here.

Estimated Schedule:

Overall Timeline for Project Start Date Complete Date
February 2021 December 2021
Individual Milestones for Project Est. Start Date Est. Complete Date

Final Design Review-Pre Construction Walkout, Material Procurement, Plant Construction

February 2021 September 2021
Testing and Customer Turn-Up Activities September 2021 December 2021

Project Updates:

March 15, 2021- 

Mediacom’s engineering contractor, CCI Systems of Iron Mountain MI, will have a “fielder” in the Minnetrista system next week.  This person will be working in the grant-awarded areas to draw up pathways for underground fiber routes, above ground pedestal placements, and estimating service drop length to customers’ homes.

This contractor will be outfitted with high-visibility PPE, and will have a measuring wheel.

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