2021 Street Improvement Project

The 2021 Local Street Improvement Project, City Project 02-21, was initiated by the City Council at their September 21, 2020, regular City Council meeting. Improvements proposed for construction in 2021 include the following:

  • Full Depth Reclamation (FDR), addition of concrete curb and gutter, and bituminous paving of Stonebridge Road, Stonebridge Circle, Loring Drive, and Minneapolis Avenue
  • Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) and bituminous paving of Hardscrabble Circle and Hardscrabble Road N
  • Utility Improvements consisting of enhancements to stormwater drainage, minor repairs to the watermain and sanitary sewer systems, replacement of two four-inch sanitary sewer forcemains along Hardscrabble Circle and Hardscrabble Road North, replacement of Lift Station #3 and the forcemain along Minneapolis Avenue, and the adjustment of valve boxes and manhole rings and castings.

Project Updates

Project Update September 17, 2021

The contractor will be on Loring Drive installing concrete curb and gutter on Saturday, September 18th, weather permitting.  Please limit your trips on this and park on Maple Forest if you are able to.   If you need access to your driveway, the contactor can pour the curb half way through the driveway and leave a segment open for access.  Please reach out to Matt Havlik if you need this accommodation (612-246-9347).  The contractor will then finish up curb on Loring on Monday, September 20th and move into the Stonebridge area on Tuesday, September 21st for concrete curb and gutter.

Once the curb and gutter is installed, it cannot be driven on for 5 days.  However, you can park your vehicle on the street next to your driveway and walk on/over the curb after 1 day.  After the curb has cured for 5 days, the contractor will ramp back in your driveway with gravel so you can continue to have access.  They will then focus on grading the street in preparation for paving.

The utility crews will continue to install storm sewer on Minneapolis Avenue into the week of September 20th.

Project Update September 9, 2021

Concrete curb and gutter is scheduled to be installed on Loring Drive on Tuesday, 9/14 and Stonebridge Road on Wednesday 9/14. The contractor will then start grading the gravel to prep it for paving the week of 9/20. After paving of the road, they will begin on the installation of driveways, and then follow that with grading of the boulevard/yard areas, installing topsoil, and then sod.

Paving of the final lift of asphalt for the Hardscrabble area, Loring Drive, and Stonebridge Road/Circle is tentatively scheduled for the last week in September.

The contractor will reclaim the existing pavement on Minneapolis Avenue on 9/15. They will then begin work on replacing and adding storm sewer infrastructure.

Project Update September 2, 2021

The contractor is continuing to clean up and restore the Hardscrabble Area.  The streets are scheduled to be swept before the weekend.  The final layer of pavement is tentatively scheduled to be paved in the last week of September.


The contractor has begun grading within the street on Loring Drive and will continue into Friday, September 3rd.  A gas service was hit on August 2nd by the excavation and has been repaired.  The contractor will continue to grade and shape the gravel material and prepare for the installation of the concrete curb and gutter, which is tentatively scheduled for the end of the week of September 6th.  Please attempt to limit your trips in and out of your driveway when the curb is being installed.  The first layer of pavement is tentatively scheduled for late in the week of September 13th


Stonebridge Road and Circle will follow immediately behind Loring Drive.  When curb is installed on Loring Drive, the contractor will move right down to the Stonebridge area and install the curb there.  Please be on the lookout for door hangers indicating the dates you will not have access to your driveway as the concrete curb cures (5 days).  Since Stonebridge residents can park on Hermitage Trail, the curb in front of their driveways is not being poured ½ at a time.  One day after the curb is poured, you can park next to it near your house.    


The contractor’s utility crew plans to begin storm sewer installation on Minneapolis Avenue the week of August 13th.  More work will also be occurring at the Lift Station, including setting the manhole lids and pouring the concrete pad.

Project Update August 27, 2021

 Residents in the Hardscrabble Area: The contractor will be reinstalling mailboxes on Monday, August 30th. If your post has been broken during removal, they will be reinstalling a new 4”x4” green treat post, unless you have provided a different new post to be reinstalled.

Project Update August 26, 2021

In the Hardscrabble Area, driveways and restoration of the boulevard will continue into the week of August 30th. It is anticipated that seed and sod will be installed after Labor Day.

Pavement along Loring Drive and Stonebridge Road was reclaimed today. Following the reclaim, there will be some excavation occurring in the roadway on Loring Drive. This allows for proper drainage of the new concrete curb and gutter. Residents are asked to limit their trips the week of August 30th, or park on Maple Forest and walk to their vehicles, to limit the residential traffic and expedite the construction progress. Concrete curb and gutter installation is tentatively scheduled for the week of Labor Day.

Grading and concrete curb will then follow Loring Drive during the week of Labor Day.

Storm sewer is scheduled to start along Minneapolis Avenue during the week of September 13th.

Project Update August 23, 2021

A road closure on Minneapolis Avenue will begin at 12:00 pm, today August 23rd, 2021, due to a sanitary sewer leak.  The closure location will be near 5017 Minneapolis Avenue.  Residents who live west of this location along Minneapolis Avenue and Crest Ridge Court are asked to use the temporary road access to Bayside Lane starting at 12:00 pm today.  We apologize for the inconvenience and are working to repair the leak quickly and safely.  

Project Update August 19, 2021

The Hardscrabble Area has received the first layer of asphalt pavement.  The contractor will now work on repairing dog fences, hard landscaping (edging, rocks, mulch, etc.), and prepping driveways for patching.  Driveways are scheduled for paving during the week of August 23rd.  If you have a concrete driveway, you will receive a door hanger notice discussing the dates you will not have access to your driveway.  Asphalt driveways can be driven on during the same day, but do not park vehicles on them for a week.

Loring and Stonebridge will receive temporary mailboxes early in the week of August 23rd, please look for a notice with additional information.  

Storm sewer work was completed on Loring Drive, and reclamation of the existing pavement is scheduled for the middle of the week of August 23rd.  Loring Drive has some grade changes proposed to the roadway which will require some earthwork/excavation in the roadway.  When this is occurring late in the week of August 23rd or early in the week of August 30th, please limit your trips, or consider parking on Maple Forest and walking to your vehicle. 

Utility work is occurring in the Stonebridge area and is expected to be completed early next week.  Reclamation of the existing pavement is scheduled for later in the week of August 23rd.  Less grading is anticipated in the Stonebridge area and residents should have good access to and from their driveway.  Another update will be provided when the concrete curb and gutter is scheduled for these streets.

Project Update August 13, 2021

IMPORTANT!  Residents in the Hardscrabble area, please turn off your irrigation system zones that are near the roadway.  The contractor is final grading the gravel surface and the added moisture near the road can impact the work.  Please turn these zones off until Thursday, August 19th.  Thank you!

Project Update August 12, 2021

The Hardscrabble area is scheduled to be paved on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week (17th and 18th). Please look for direction from paving crews if driving or walking during the paving process. Please do not allow dogs to walk on the new pavement, as it is very hot. After paving, the contractor will begin replacing driveway approaches to the new pavement, and restoring the boulevard/yard areas.

The utility crew is working on storm sewer on Loring Drive and should be completed around mid-week the week of August 16th. Shortly thereafter, the road will be reclaimed, and street grading will begin. This will result in some disruptions to driveway access during the day. Please be on the lookout for door hangers and email notices regarding driveway restrictions.

The utility crew will move to Stonebridge late in the week of August 16thand begin to work on watermain improvements. Please be on the lookout for notices of water service disruptions which will occur between the hours of 9 am and 3 pm.

Project Update August 5, 2021

The contractor has continued working on in the Hardscrabble area, completing the installation of curb and gutter in certain locations early this week. Late this week and early the week of August 9th, they will begin to shape and grade the reclaimed aggregate material to prep for asphalt paving. The paving date is tentative, but may occur late the week of August 9th, or early the following week. The roads will be accessible during the paving operation, but please pay attention to workers guiding you where to drive. Once the asphalt has been compacted, it can be driven on.

The contractor will begin storm sewer work the week of August 9th on Loring Drive. Reclaiming of the pavement is tentatively scheduled for the week of August 16th.

Project Update July 30, 2021

The contractor has begun prepping areas around Hardscrabble Road and Circle for concrete curb and gutter. As a reminder, this is only occurring in certain areas to help with drainage, the majority of the Hardscrabble area will remain rural (no curb and gutter). At this time, concrete curb is scheduled for early the week of August 2nd. After curb is installed, please park your vehicles on the east side of Hardscrabble Road North while the curb is in the 5-day curing timeframe. Towards the end of the week of August 2nd, the contractor anticipates reclaiming the remainder of the asphalt pavement and will begin to grade and compact the reclaimed aggregate material. Paving is tentatively scheduled for the week of August 9th, but is dependent on weather.

Storm sewer work is scheduled to begin on August 9th on Loring Drive. This will involve drilling a new outlet from the street to Lake Minnetonka. Residents along Loring Drive should expect to maneuver around construction equipment near the low point of Loring Drive. As you are approaching and driving through this area, please drive cautiously, adhere to posted traffic control signs, and look for direction from construction personnel. 

Project Update July 16, 2021

The contractor has completed the deep excavation on Minneapolis Avenue.  Thank you to all residents affected by the closure, we appreciate your patience.  The contractor is now constructing a manhole in the boulevard area north of the street near the lift station.  Please continue to drive slowly and cautiously through this area and look for direction from construction personnel when equipment is being operated. 


The contractor has substantially completed the sanitary forcemain work in the Hardscrabble Area and the street improvement work will be getting started early next week.  On Tuesday, July 20th, the contractor plans to begin reclaiming the existing pavement (pulverizing in place for reuse).  During this process you may drive on the pulverized gravel surface, but please be cognizant of construction equipment and personnel as you drive through the neighborhood.  Concrete curb and gutter is planned for certain areas of Hardscrabble Road and Circle to help with drainage.  This work is tentatively scheduled for Friday, July 23th, if favorable weather and construction conditions hold.  Residents along Hardscrabble Road North should keep an eye out for door hangers notifying them that curb and gutter will be installed.  Concrete curb and gutter requires a 5-day cure period.  During this period, you will not be able to drive into your driveway.   Prior to installation, we ask that your vehicles are moved up to Hardscrabble Circle for the day and overnight.  After one day of the curb being installed, you can come park near your driveway.  Due to the narrow roadway, we ask that all cars park on the east side of the road during the 5-day cure period.

Project Update July 12, 2021

Minneapolis Avenue Closure Update:  to those residents affected by the closure of Minneapolis Avenue, the post office was able to deliver mail to your existing mailboxes today and will plan to do so for the remainder of the closure.  A temporary mailbox bank will not be used.  For garbage and recycling collection, please put your bins at the end of your driveway as you normally would.  The contractor will move impacted bins to a location accessible by the collectors and return them at the end of the day.

This closure map and newsletter


Project Update July 8, 2021

The street contractor has started installing erosion control throughout all project areas.  They will complete tree clearing and grubbing throughout the project areas by Monday, July 12th, and then begin working on replacing three storm sewer culverts around Hardscrabble Circle, as well as installing new storm sewer infrastructure at the low point on Hardscrabble Road North.  This infrastructure crosses the road, so when it is being installed, traffic will not be allowed through.  On Hardscrabble Circle, there will always be a way around, as only one culvert will be worked on at a time.  When the work on Hardscrabble Road North takes place, a daytime closure will be necessary.  Affected properties will be provided with a door hanger notice with additional information including the anticipated closure date.  Staff will also door knock prior to the closure.  


On Minneapolis Avenue, the contractor plans to begin installing a deep section of sanitary sewer pipe resulting in a four-day closure as stated in yesterday’s update.  Please contact Adam Gadbois if you have any mobility concerns or questions about the closure. 

Project Update July 7, 2021

Road Closure on Minneapolis Avenue is anticipated 7/12-7/15. 

This closure map and newsletter were mailed to the impacted residents. 

Project Update July 1, 2021

The contractor will not be working on Monday, July 5th, in observation of the holiday.  They will continue working on the forcemain along Hardscrabble Road North and Hardscrabble Circle and plan to finish up connections to the lift station and installation of a manhole structure on Hardscrabble Circle.   Residents who live on Hardscrabble Road North, north of the lift station location may experience a day-time road closure depending on how the excavation goes at the lift station.  Please be on the lookout for a door hanger notifying you in advance of such a closure.  Please plan to park your vehicles along Hardscrabble Road North or Hardscrabble Circle, south of this location.  The road contractor will begin clearing and grubbing marked trees and installing erosion control during the week of July 5th.  Towards the end of the week, they may remove pavement in small areas of Hardscrabble Circle and Hardscrabble Road North in locations where storm sewer culverts will be replaced. 

On Minneapolis Avenue, the contractor will continue to work on setting the structure for the new lift station.  During the week of July 12th, it is anticipated that there will be a significant excavation at the lift station location that will last a number of days.  More information regarding this work will be sent out the week of July 5th

Project Update June 29, 2021

The contractor will continue installation of the forcemain on Hardscrabble Circle and Hardscrabble Road North.  The contractor will also continue mobilizing equipment to Minneapolis Avenue.  They will start excavating near the lift station and this area will be reduced to one-lane traffic during active construction.  As you are approaching and driving through this area, please drive cautiously, adhere to posted traffic control signs, and look for direction from construction personnel.

Project update June 23, 2021

On Thursday, June 24th, The contractor will be mobilizing equipment onto Minneapolis Avenue and begin staging it near the lift station on the north side of the road.  The lift station is located approximately 400 feet northwest of the trail access on Minneapolis Avenue that takes you up to Grand View Avenue.  There may be a short period of time (10-30 minutes) when equipment is being unloaded and positioned that the street will be blocked temporarily.  It is expected that this will occur sometime between 8:00 am and 10:00 am.  If you live west of this location and will need to leave Minneapolis Avenue and cannot potentially wait for a short period of time, please place a vehicle east of the trail access prior to 7:00 am and plan to walk to your vehicle if necessary.  Please contact Matt Havlik (612-246-9347) or Adam Gadbois (612-214-2081) if you have any questions.

Project update June 21, 2021

The contractor has completed installation of one segment of sanitary sewer forcemain and will begin work on the second segment next week.  This work will occur along Hardscrabble Road N and the east side of Hardscrabble Circle.  There will be excavations along the work area so remember to drive diligently and look for direction from workers when near active construction.

Project update June 11, 2021

Work planned for the week of June 14, 2021:

The utility contractor plans to start work in the Hardscrabble Circle and Hardscrabble Road North area early in the week.  Work will include mobilizing equipment to the site, setting up traffic control, delivering material shipments of pipe, and beginning to fuse the pipe segments into longer segments that can then be installed in the ground via drilling.  Prior to drilling, the contractor will remove certain areas of pavement within the roadway, and begin small excavations.  These areas may be about 10 feet by 10 feet, and traffic flow is expected to be maintained around them.  Please exercise caution when driving along these roads when construction is actively occurring.

Work on the 2021 MSA Street Improvement Project, City Project 01-21 will begin in late June, early July and will take approximately six weeks to complete and include:

  • Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) of Sunnyfield Road from Langewood Drive to the west end of the paved section,
  • Mill and Overlay of Langewood Drive,
  • Repaving the trail on the south side of Sunnyfield Road, and
  • Miscellaneous utility improvements, including installation or replacement of storm sewer and installation of inflow and infiltration (I&I) barriers in the sanitary sewer manholes along Langewood Drive.

The road will remain open to traffic however motorists should expect delays as the road will be reduced to one lane in order for the contractor to install the improvements. 

Project Update June 2, 2021

A construction newsletter will be send out June 2, 2021 (see below.)

2021 Project Resident Newsletter

2021 Project Phasing Map

Project Update: May 17, 2021 

Notice of assessment letters were sent out to residents on Friday, May 14.  There was an error when the letters were placed in the envelopes where the address on the letter did not match the envelope address.  New, corrected letters will be mailed on Monday, 5/17.

Please recycle the original letter and reach out to Adam Gadbois, Assistant City Engineer, at 612-214-2081 with any questions.

May 12, 2020- Assessments

Minnehaha Creek Watershed District Notice

The Minnehaha Creek Watershed District (MCWD) is reviewing permit application #21-136 for compliance with District rules. The City of Minnetrista is proposing road and storm sewer improvements at various locations on Halsted Road, Hardscrabble Point Road, Loring Drive, Stonebridge Road, and Minneapolis Avenue (please see site plans for specific project locations). The MCWD reviews the project under out Erosion Control, Waterbody Crossings & Structures, Wetland Protection rule. The project meets all District standards and rules.

Permits are reviewed by staff for compliance with District rules. Interested parties may request that the permit be considered by the Board of Managers, request for Board consideration must be submitted to Abigail Ernst via email prior to 4:30PM, May 19th, 2021.

Address: Various locations in Minnetrista (please see site plans for specific project locations).

Name of Applicant: City of Minnetrista

Staff Contact Information: aernst@minnehahacreek.org

21-136 Permit Posting

Project Update March 31, 2021:

Bids for the project were opened on March 16, 2021, and only 3 bids were received and were higher than the budgeted amount.  The City Council held a special meeting on March 25, 2021, and decided to split the project into a street improvement project and a utility improvement project (CP 02a-21 and CP 04-21, respectively).  The projects will be re-bid on April 21, 2021, and April 28, 2021, and the City Council will review the bids and consider award of both projects on May 3, 2021.  Residents will receive an invite to an assessment hearing and receive a construction newsletter detailing the schedule and construction information in mid-May.  Should the projects move forward, the assessment hearing will be held on June 7, 2021.


Tentative Project Schedule:

  • Neighborhood Meeting : October 5, 2020
  • Accept Feasibility Report / Call Public Hearing: December 7, 2020
  • Public Hearing / Council Auth. Prep. of Plans and Specifications: January 4 & January 19, 2021
  • Open Bids: March 16, 2021
  • Council Orders Assessment Hearing, Accepts Bids and Awards Contract: April 5, 2021
  • Assessment Hearing: May 3, 2021 
  • Begin Construction: Late May / Early June 2021
  • Substantial Construction Completion* : Late September 2021
  • Final Construction Completion (Final Lift of Bituminous Wear Course)*: Late October 2021

Helpful Links: 

2021 Street Improvement Neighborhood Meeting- October 5, 2020 Work Session

Neighborhood Meeting Letter

2021 Street Improvement Project Neighborhood Meeting Power point