2022 Street Improvement Project

The City of Minnetrista is currently planning the 2022 Street Improvement Project which is scheduled to occur within the Jennings Cove neighborhood.  Streets proposed for improvement in 2022 include Jennings Cove Road, East Cove Lane, West Cove Lane, Cove Circle, and Upper Cove Road.  Improvements include replacement of the existing asphalt pavement, spot replacement of the existing concrete curb and gutter where it is structurally deficient or causing drainage issues, and minor repairs to the sanitary sewer and storm sewer utilities.  The City is also planning improvements to Jennings Cove Park in conjunction with the Street Improvement Project.

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Tentative Project Schedule

Neighborhood Meeting June 7, 2021
Approve Professional Services Agreement and Authorize Preparation of Feasibility ReportJune 21, 2021
Accept Feasibility Report/Call Public HearingSeptember 7, 2021
Public HearingOctober 4, 2021
Open BidsJanuary 2022
Council Accept Bids and Award ContractFebruary 2022
Council Orders Assessment HearingMarch 2022
Assessment HearingApril 2022
Begin ConstructionEarly June 2022
Substantial CompletionSeptember 2022