2022 Street Improvement Project

The City of Minnetrista is currently planning the 2022 Street Improvement Project which is scheduled to occur within the Jennings Cove neighborhood.  Streets proposed for improvement in 2022 include Jennings Cove Road, East Cove Lane, West Cove Lane, Cove Circle, and Upper Cove Road.  Improvements include replacement of the existing asphalt pavement, spot replacement of the existing concrete curb and gutter where it is structurally deficient or causing drainage issues, and minor repairs to the sanitary sewer and storm sewer utilities.  The City is also planning improvements to Jennings Cove Park in conjunction with the Street Improvement Project.

Project Update July 22, 2022.

The contractor will be on site performing additional curb replacement at the entrance to the neighborhood starting on Monday, July 25th. They will also begin preparing the first lift of pavement for installation of the second and final lift of pavement, which is tentatively scheduled for August 1st.

Project Update June 10, 2022

The contractor is wrapping up restoration, irrigation and dog fence repairs, and site cleanup in anticipation for the final layer of pavement. If you have any concerns with work on your property, please reach out to Matt Havlik as soon as possible.

The final layer of pavement is not yet scheduled, however an update will be posted when it is. The streets will remain open during final paving, however we asked that all vehicles are parked in driveways. Asphalt tack material will be installed on the first layer of pavement which helps bind it to the second layer of pavement.  Do not drive on this tack material as it will stick to your tires and wheel wells.  The asphalt can be driven on after it has been rolled by the paving crews please look for direction from construction staff on where to drive. 

The City of Minnetrista, WSB, and the contractor appreciate your patience so far throughout construction.

Project Update June 3, 2022

The contractor has worked on restoration of turf and landscaping areas disturbed by construction, including the repair of irrigation systems and dog fences. If your system has not been repaired yet, please contact Matt Havlik to get on the list. Late this week or early next week the contractor will begin to raise castings in the roadway to their final elevation. They will cut through the base layer of pavement and adjust manhole castings up slightly in preparation for paving the final layer of pavement. They will mark these castings with paint and cones; please be sure not to drive over them until the final layer of pavement is installed.

Project Update May 12, 2022

The Contractor is still on schedule to prepare the aggregate base early next week for the first layer of asphalt pavement towards the end of next week. Some concrete curb is still within the 5-day curing period. Driveways adjacent to the this curb will be ramped in after that period is up. Please continue to park on the street adjacent to your property.


Once the base layer of asphalt is paved, the Contractor will work to adjust manhole castings within the roadway to their final elevations in preparation for the final layer of asphalt.

Project Update May 5, 2022

The contractor will continue with concrete curb and driveway placement where applicable for the remainder of the week and early next week. The concrete needs to cure for a minimum of 5 days, so construction activity may slow down for most of next week. Starting the week of May 16th, the contractor will begin to grade and compact the gravel base in preparation for the first layer of new asphalt pavement. Pending favorable weather conditions, paving is scheduled to take place on the 19th and/or 20th. The neighborhood will still be accessible during paving operations. Please drive and walk cautiously through the site and pay close attention to direction from construction personnel and construction signage. As always, please reach out to Matt Havlik or Adam Gadbois with any questions.

Project Update May 2, 3033

The contractor completed milling of the existing pavement. It will be watered and compacted in place to help it stay maintained during the remainder of construction. On Monday, the contractor began concrete curb removals, with replacement planned for Wednesday of next week. For those properties where curb replacement will impact driveway access, a door hanger with applicable information and impact timeline will be provided. If your irrigation or dog fence has been damaged by removals, please contact Matt Havlik. These items will be repaired by the contractor. Proposed timelines are dependent on favorable weather conditions.

Project Update March 11, 2022

This project will occur in the Jennings Cove neighborhood, which includes Jennings Cove Road, East Cove Lane, West Cove Lane, Cove Circle, and Upper Cove Road. The asphalt pavement will be completely removed and replaced with new pavement meeting the City’s current specifications. Partial replacement of the existing concrete curb and gutter is proposed. Deficient sections that are cracked, heaved, or holding water, will be removed and replaced. The asphalt path on the south side of Jennings Park will be replaced, and two new ADA compliant pedestrian ramps will be installed for pedestrian access to the park. Work is anticipated to begin in May or June, with the majority of construction completed within 6 weeks.

Project Update August 17, 2021

The feasibility report for the 2022 Street Improvement Project was accepted by the City Council on Monday, August 16th, 2021. The City Council then called for a public hearing on the improvements to be held on September 20th, 2021.  A public hearing notice letter will be sent to the impacted property owners in the coming weeks.  A notice will also be published in the Laker Pioneer as required by state statute.

Feasibility Report

Helpful Links:

Tentative Project Schedule

Neighborhood Meeting June 7, 2021
Approve Professional Services Agreement and Authorize Preparation of Feasibility ReportJune 21, 2021
Accept Feasibility Report/Call Public HearingAugust 16, 2021
Public HearingSeptember 20, 2021
Open BidsJanuary 2022
Council Accept Bids and Award ContractFebruary 2022
Council Orders Assessment HearingMarch 2022
Assessment HearingApril 2022
Begin ConstructionEarly June 2022
Substantial CompletionSeptember 2022