Message from Xcel

Xcel Energy Update

This message was provided by Xcel Energy on April 6, 2020.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Xcel Energy is proceeding as close to normal as possible with their field work. Many of Xcel's critical infrastructure employees are still out there working, and you may notice a more than normal amount of trucks at a job site. In order to maintain social distancing, Xcel crews drive to work sites separately, and a minor job can give the appearance of something much bigger, when it really isn't. Xcel field crews are equipped with personal protective gear, they maintain proper distances from each other, and are using mobile devices to communicate with each other and their customers. The public is being asked to keep their distance from crews in the field to help keep everyone healthy and safe.

Also during the pandemic, tree trimming is still necessary, so field crews will continue with that work. This work is essential so Xcel can continue to minimize the risk of trees or limbs causing outages by taking down power lines, especially with spring storm season right around the corner. Maintaining adequate spacing between trees and overhead facilities is critical.