North Water Treatment Plant Service Alert

North Water Treatment Plant Service Notice

The notice will affect the residents on this water service customer list.

For city water users on the north water system in Minnetrista, the Sunnyfield Road water tower will be undergoing full maintenance rehabilitation and painting starting in late July and should be completed in 10 to 12 weeks. Water towers need to be rehabbed approximately every 15-20 years, and this tower was brought on line in 2001 and has never been rehabilitated since constructed, so it is due. The City Council approved Osseo Construction as the vendor to rehabilitate the water tower.

Due to the water volume and pressure issues, the north water treatment plant will be taken offline for the duration of the Sunnyfield Road water tower rehabilitation project. The water will be treated at the plant to add chlorine and fluoride, so it will meet all the Minnesota Department of Health standards, it just won’t be filtered to remove iron and manganese during the rehabilitation process.

Only one well will be feeding the water tower (instead of the normal two wells), so residents may notice pressure variances at times, but an effort will be made to keep it constant. We are also asking residents with home lawn irrigation systems on city water to greatly limit irrigation system usage and/or decrease irrigation run times so we can prioritize and assure an adequate water supply for fire protection and also for home use (cooking, clothes washing, showers, etc.) in the area.