Alternative Urban Areawide Review (AUAR)

{A6B3F56E-D4A4-41C4-86E2-876C943AB240}_Web.jpg The City of Minnetrista prepared an Alternative Urban Areawide Review (AUAR) for the Park Cove study area in conformance with Minnesota Rules 4410.3610.  The study area consisted of approximately 530 acres bordered on the east by Lotus Drive, on the south by TH 7, on the west by Kings Point Road, and on the north by Halstead Bay.  The surrounding land uses in the area include Lake Minnetonka on the north, residential lots and Lake Minnetonka Regional Park on the east, TH7 and Carver Park Reserve on the south, and agricultural and rural residential uses on the west.  The AUAR evaluated the environmental impacts of two development scenarios for the area, summarized major issues and presented potential mitigation measures.

The study is available for review below or at Minnetrista City Hall during regular office hours. Please contact City Hall at (952) 446-1660 to make an appointment.