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2017 Community Survey Results

2017 Minnetrista Community Survey PowerPoint
2017 Minnetrista Community Survey

The Minnetrista City Council Received a presentation from Mr. Peter Leatherman of the Morris-Leatherman Company, on November, 6, 2017, about the 2017 Community Survey results. The survey is a statistically valid, random sample survey of 400 Minnetrista residents/households conducted in late August and early September 2017, yielding a margin of error of +/- 5% in 95 out of 100 cases. The survey results were very positive overall, and will help city leaders find out how residents feel about the quality, importance, and value of city services received, which provides a tool for both the City Council and City Staff in guiding policy decisions for the future.

The average 2017 survey interview took 24 minutes to complete, and the refusal rate was a very low 5%; 38% of households contacted were cell-phone only households, 15% were landline-only households; while 47% indicated they had both a cellphone and landline.

Topics explored in the Community Survey include what residents like about Minnetrista; what they see as the most serious issues facing Minnetrista; the rating of the quality and importance of city services; quality of city roads and the repair/maintenance of city roads; quality of city water; city taxes; public safety issues (police and fire); city parks and trails; city sponsored events; the opportunity and quality of interactions with the city; the rating of your elected officials and city staff; and city communications (newsletter, website, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

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