Campaign Guidelines

City of Minnetrista Guidelines

  • It is permissible for a candidate or their representative to distribute campaign literature on sidewalks, in public parks and in public right-of-ways.However, campaign activities cannot pose a safety hazard or block a roadway or walkway.
  • A permit is not needed to distribute campaign / political material door-to-door. However, please be respectful on property owner's wishes by leaving a property if you are asked to leave a property. In addition, please limit door-to-door visits between the hours of 9:00am and 7:00pm.
  • Campaign signs cannot be staked or posted on City property. This includes but is not limited to tacking, pasting, taping, gluing of campaign signs or literature on City buildings, facilities or structures including trees, poles, posts, booths, tables, chairs, tents, toilets, etc.
  • Campaign signs cannot be posted or erected in street right-of-ways. 
  • A special event permit may be required if you are:
  • Charging Admission
  • Accepting Donations at the event
  • Selling alcohol (temporary liquor license or use of a caterer licensed to serve alcohol is also required. Campaign Finance statutes do not permit candidates to give alcohol away.)
  • Require special city service such as road closure, traffic control, parking permits etc.
  • Expecting more than 350 people

State Law

Campaign Signs


Campaign signs of any size and in any number are allowed on private property with permission of the property owner. Signs are not permitted on publicly owned land including but not limited to public schools, city parks etc. Signs are also not permitted to be posted on street signs or utility poles. Neither are they allowed to be in the public right-of-way. Please contact the County Surveyors department at (612) 348-3131 if you need assistance determining the location of county right-of-way. Unfortunately, the city does not have staffing available to provide this service. 


Contact Minnetrista City Hall to file a complaint about the placement of a sign on a city street or on city property. If a sign violation is found along a city street, the City will contact the campaign chair, candidate, or property owner. The city will request correction by the end of the next business day. If a sign is determined to pose a safety hazard, City staff will remove the sign immediately and without notification. All signs not claimed within seven (7) days will be disposed of. 

Contact the Hennepin County Transportation Department to file complaints about signs along county roadways.

Contact the Minnesota Department of Transportation to file complaints about signs along state roadways.

Contact the Minnesota Office of Administrative Hearings at (612) 341-7600 to file a complaint about the content of a sign including complaints regarding disclaimer language.

General Information
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