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2020 Sewer Lining Project

2020 Sewer Lining Project

Each year, segments of the City’s sanitary sewer and storm sewer infrastructure are televised and reviewed for inflow and infiltration (I&I) issues, broken or deformed pipes, or other structural or operational concerns.  This review results in a priority list for repairs which have been included within the plans and specifications for the 2020 Sewer Lining Project.  Proposed improvements include installing cured in-place pipe (CIPP) structural liners within the existing sanitary sewer or storm sewer pipe.  This process results in a structurally sound and smooth walled pipe within the existing deteriorating pipe.  This process has been used throughout the City on other lining projects. 

The 2020 Sewer Lining Project includes improvements to sanitary sewer and storm sewer at specific locations along the following streets:  Manor Drive, Hardscrabble Circle, Hardscrabble Road North, County Road 44, Hermitage Trail, Lakeview Drive, Margaret Circle, Shady Lane, Trillium Lane, Loring Drive, Ox Yoke Circle, and Morningview Drive (see attached location maps).  If you live near the proposed work, you may be contacted by the City’s contractor, Visu-Sewer, regarding the construction process and any potential temporary impacts to your sewer service while the lining is occurring.  The lining process is safe, however can be an odor while it is curing. 

The project is anticipated to start the week of September 14th, and last until early November.  Work in any one area shouldn’t last more than a few days.  Contact Adam Gadbois, Assistant City Engineer at 763-762-2803, or Matt Havlik, Construction Observer, at 612-246-9347 with any questions.

The contractor plans to be on site late this week or early next week to clean, televise, and measure the storm sewer pipes that are proposed to be lined.  This will occur along Ox Yoke Circle, Loring Drive, and Morningview Drive. 

Updates will be provided as the project progresses

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