Emergency Management

Be Ready!

Twister.GIF The Minnetrista Public Safety Department recommends each family be prepared to sustain themselves with food and water for 72 hours in case of a large emergency.   It is also recommended that each family consider obtaining a generator or access to a generator, due to the cold Minnesota winters.

Ready -- Be Ready for an Emergency
Minnesota Homeland Security
Citizen Corps -- Hometown Security
US Dept of Health -- Pandemic Flu Planning

Food and Water in an Emergency Brochure

Pandemic Flu Planning Checklist for Individuals & Families

You can prepare for an influenza pandemic now.  You should know both the magnitude of what can happen during a pandemic outbreak and what actions you can take to help lessen the impact of an influenza pandemic on you and your family.  This checklist will help you gather the information and resources you may need in case of a flu pandemic.

Flood Insurance Fact Sheet

Emergency Reference Card

Complete this card and keep it handy in case of an emergency.

Citizen Guide to Threat Alerts