Street Improvements Construction Update

Below is a weekly construction update

Reclaim areas:

  • Ox Yoke Circle, D'Chene Lane, and D'Chene Circle have been reclaimed and crews are working to shape and compact the existing material in preparation for bituminous base paving. Paving is tentatively scheduled for early in the week of July 15th. The streets will be open to traffic, and residents will have access to their driveways during paving, except for when the paver or trucks are directly adjacent to driveways. The streets will be paved one half at a time and residents are asked to travel on the opposite side on which the paving is actively occurring. Please take precaution while driving during paving and pay attention to construction staff, vehicles and signage. Driveway removal and replacements will occur at a later date once the final pavement layer is scheduled to be installed.

Mill and Overlay areas:

  • Construction observation staff will continue to mark curb for removals. Removal activities may occur later in the week of July 15th. Concrete replacement work is not currently scheduled until the week of July 22nd.

Ingerson Road:

  • Ingerson road has been shaped and is ready for paving in conjunction with the reclaim areas. As with the reclaim areas, only the base layer of pavement will be installed at this time.

*All construction work is dependent upon weather conditions, temperature and precipitation. If there is inclement weather, the scheduled work will be delayed to the next day.*

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