Mayor's Blog October 2, 2020

Mayor's Blog October 2, 2020- Roads and Water
If you live in the northeastern part of Minnetrista, you may have noticed the Minnetrista water tower is draped. No, this isn’t for Halloween. The tower is being rehabilitated and painted. This is a maintenance project to ensure that our water tower will continue to service our community for many years to come. This project is scheduled to be completed by the end of October.
Minnetrista’s new water tower being constructed in the southwestern corner of Minnetrista right off of Highway 7 is on schedule, and is due to be up and running next year around this time.
We’re wrapping up our many road projects for 2020. A mill and overlay was completed on the section of Halstead that was not part of the 2017 reconstruction project. We also did a reclamation project on Lakeside Drive, Margaret Circle and Shady Lane.

In addition, we did overlays on Kennedy Memorial Drive, Fielding Trail, Sterling Drive, Retreat Circle, and Game Farm Circle. Crack filling and sealing on Game Farm Road was completed as well.
We’ve infused our road budget with Municipal State Aid reimbursement dollars for 2021 which will allow us to do more roads then we originally were planning to do. We have now added Minneapolis Avenue to our projects along with Hardscrabble Circle, Loring Drive and Stonebridge Road.