Mayor's Message October 2021

It’s been a while since my last posting. Summers are always busy, and this year is no exception.

The City Council and staff continue to look for ways to expand and improve broadband services throughout Minnetrista with a focus on the unserved and underserved areas. We’ve offered two local broadband companies contracts for installation of antennas on all three of our water towers. We’ve also been in discussions with Mediacom to complete phase two of their contract and have offered to financially participate in the build out of phase three. We have also contacted our County and State representatives inquiring how they can be of help financially or otherwise.

The hot topic this summer has been of course the city’s outdoor watering ban, especially impacting the South water system. Some residents feel the city doesn’t have enough capacity to adequately provide water to all the users on the south system.

This is not true. We have adequate water capacity to supply filtered water not only to all our current residents but also to future homes that are poised to come on-line within the next few years. So why did the city issue a sprinkling ban?

The primary reasons were to have adequate water supply in our water tower for fire suppression and to maintain the health of our water supply. But, when you add in all the relating weather factors – extremely high temperatures and very little precipitation (less than 3” of rain in June and July combined) – this caused residents to water far more than they would under “normal” circumstances. We have enough capacity to provide some irrigation but not to the extent that was being used this summer.

So how are we addressing this issue?

This needs to be a joint effort by the city and our residents alike. All residential properties on city water (and even on private wells) need to understand that water is not an infinite resource. In the near future, the city will be providing some information to residents that hopefully should help with watering responsibly.

Overall, the city has spent about $14-$15 million dollars over the past 6 years on improving and expanding our water infrastructure. Building two water treatment plants, connecting the central and south water systems together, and now our third water tower, which will be on-line in the next month or so, have added to the growth of our water system in general, and will provide more storage capacity for the south water system, specifically.

Recently the Council authorized drilling two test wells, which is the first step towards citing more permanent wells and moves us towards the construction of a third water treatment plant in the upcoming years.

As always, please check your mailboxes for our fall “Minnetrista Messenger” newsletter which will be coming out soon. There will be additional information on the 2022 preliminary budget,

staffing changes, 2021 and 2022 street projects, park improvements, and more.

Your Mayor,