Minnehaha Creek Watershed Carp Barrier

The Minnehaha Creek Watershed District (MCWD) is implementing a program to restore the Lakes in the Six Mile Creek-Halsted Bay Subwatershed by controlling the population of common carp in the subwatershed. The Six Mile Creek Subwatershed is a 27 square mile area that includes Laketown Township, Victoria, Carver Park Reserve, St. Bonifacius and part of Minnetrista. The whole area drains into Halsted Bay of Lake Minnetonka.

Carp are invasive species that have negative impacts on lakes by decreasing water clarity, uprooting aquatic vegetation, and driving up nutrient levels causing algal blooms. The District is running a comprehensive program to reduce the number of common carp across the lakes in this system to protect and improve water resources.

Through a partnership with the University of Minnesota, MCWD was able to identify the areas of highest carp numbers and the migratory paths they follow to reproduce. One of the major findings was that Halsted Bay contains over 10 times the amount of carp that cause damage to lake ecosystems, and that these carp can move freely into upstream Mud and Parley to populate those lakes and reproduce.

The barrier that MCWD will install at highland road will prevent carp from going upstream to spawn, so that new carp cannot be produced. It will also create more manageable sub-populations that will help MCWD concentrate our removal efforts. The barrier will be managed by MCWD, and includes removal grates so that we can let other fish species pass through when carp are not actively spawning.

For more information, visit the MCWD's Project Page where you can sign up for regular project updates and access past project update emails. You can also contact the MCWD's project manager, Anna Rose Brown at 952-641-4522.