City of Minnetrista Swears in Mayor and Councilmembers

Mayor Lisa Whalen, Councilmember Ann MacGregor, and Councilmember Cathleen Reffkin take Minnetrista City Council Oath of Office. The oaths were administered by Minnetrista City Clerk Kris Linquist in the afternoon of January 4, 2021. All three were elected to four-year terms on November 3, 2020, and began their terms with the January 4, 2021 City Council meeting.

Mayor Whalen was re-elected for a third time as Mayor, and this is the first election victories for both MacGregor and Reffkin in holding elected office as Council Members.

Left to right; Lisa Whalen, Ann MacGregor, Cathleen Reffkin, all with City Clerk Kris Linquist.

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