Compost Bags Available at City Hall


  • Food: fruits, vegetables, meats, bones, dairy products, eggs and eggshells, pasta, bread, rice, cereal, nuts and shells 
  • Food Soiled Paper: pizza delivery boxes, napkins, paper towels and paper egg cartons 
  • Certified Compostable Products: Compostable paper and plastic cups, plates, bowls, utensils and containers. Look for the term “compostable” or the BPI logo on certified products.
  • Other Compostable Items: Coffee grounds and filters, facial tissues, hair and nail clippings, cotton balls and swabs with paper stems, house plants and flowers, wooden items such as chopsticks, popsicle sticks and toothpicks


  • Plastic Bags: if you must bag your organics, please use only compostable bags.
  • Yard Waste: leaves, sticks, grass clippings, weeds 
  • Household Hazardous Waste: paint, varnish, pesticides, etc. 
  • Plastic Items: including non-biodegradable utensils, Styrofoam™, plastic coated papers, frozen food boxes
  • Recyclable Items: glass, metal, paper, plastic
  • Products Labeled “Biodegradable”: Bandages, diapers, and sanitary products 
  • Pet Waste: including animal litter or bedding 

Other: cleaning and baby wipes, grease, oil, dryer lint and dryer sheets, microwave popcorn bags, gum, fast food wrappers

City of Minnetrista Organics Drop Off Site

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