Arbor Day Tree Sale

Arbor Day Tree Sale

Minnetrista has partnered with Tree Trust for the Arbor Day Tree Sale which offers residents trees at a discounted price. The intent of this is to encourage residents to replant a diversity of tree species. There is a limit of two trees per household. 


Dates to Order: Starting March 10 at 8amtrees will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis until sold out or May 26. Limit two trees per household. 


Species available:  Honeycrisp apple (dwarf), River Birch (single stem), Kentucky coffeetree (esspresso) , Royal raindrops crabapple , Prairie sentinel hackberry, Sunburst Honeylocust , Ironwood, Parkland pillar birch, Redbud (multi-stem) 


Pricing: $50 per tree


How to order: Trees can only be ordered and paid for online at


Pick up day: June 3, 2023 9am-12pm. Residents who order will receive a postcard about 1-2 weeks before the distribution date with more instructions on pick up  procedure.


Pick up Location: City Hall, 7701 CR 110 West Minnetrista, MN 55364

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