Effective Thursday, June 24, 2021, the City of Minnetrista is reinstating the Emergency Outdoor Watering Ban effective immediately. The watering ban will be in effect for all residents on city water until further notice.

The City implemented a revised outdoor watering schedule on June 16, 2021, to allow residents to water some while maintaining an adequate amount in the water towers for fire protection – but the revised watering schedule is not working.

Water usage, primarily due to outdoor watering, has continued to increase during our drought-like conditions. The City is concerned that not only will there not be enough water for fire protection, but once a water tower’s level drops below a certain threshold, residents will experience low (or negative) pressure in their home water taps.

With low pressure in the water system, our water supply could be at risk of contamination, which could trigger a drinking water advisory. Drinking water advisories means residents having to boil all water used for consumption in their homes, and our water tower would be shut down entirely for three to five days for a decontamination process. We are trying to avoid this entire situation.

City staff has also decided to turn on the axillary well to stabilize the pressure in the water towers. Residents will notice water discoloration while this well is in operation.

The new outdoor watering ban prohibits all outdoor watering by mechanical or automatic means. It includes all non-essential water use, including but not limited to, watering lawns, washing vehicles, power washing of homes, filling pools, etc. Minnetrista residents are also encouraged to be more efficient in using water indoors wherever possible.

Properties that have new sod or seed must obtain permission from the city for irrigation during the emergency outdoor water ban period. To obtain a watering permit, please call the Police Department at 952-446-1131. Properties using private wells are excluded from this ban.

Per City Code Section 700.33(6), any person violating the provisions of this section will be guilty of a misdemeanor and a fine may be imposed.

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