The contractor is wrapping up restoration, irrigation and dog fence repairs, and site cleanup in anticipation for the final layer of pavement. If you have any concerns with work on your property, please reach out to Matt Havlik as soon as possible.

The final layer of pavement is not yet scheduled, however an update will be posted when it is. The streets will remain open during final paving, however we asked that all vehicles are parked in driveways. Asphalt tack material will be installed on the first layer of pavement which helps bind it to the second layer of pavement. Do not drive on this tack material as it will stick to your tires and wheel wells. The asphalt can be driven on after it has been rolled by the paving crews please look for direction from construction staff on where to drive.

The City of Minnetrista, WSB, and the contractor appreciate your patience so far throughout construction.

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