Below is an update from Midco regarding the broadband extension project:

Midco has started construction on the long-haul fiber from Greenfield to Minnetrista. Crews will be in the city beginning the fiber-to-the-premise build starting right after Labor Day. We are still planning to have all underground construction completed before freeze. We will begin splicing at the end of this year with activations and service deployment on a rolling basis in January and February 2023.

You can also link directly to our website below:

If residents are interested, there is information on the construction process and what to expect as well as how to pre-register for services. If residents fill in their information, one of our sales team members will reach out directly and can talk through options for service, expectations and potentially set up a pre-sale directly.

If you have questions about the project, please contact Melissa Wolf at 651-214-5493

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