Red Oak of Minnetrista

Red Oak of Minnetrista.jpg UPDATED AUGUST 21, 2013

The applicants are proposing 61 housing units on the 21 acres located at 855 Red Oak Lane. The site is currently a 9 hole public golf course with rolling hills and views of Lake Minnetonka. Mature trees surround the site with a few wetland ponds. The proposed site plan indicates that the site could accommodate 61 single family lots. The property is currently zoned R-2(a) Low Medium Residential. This zoning classification requires a minimum net density of 3 units per acre and a maximum net density of 3.5 units per acre.

The sketch plan is an initial presentation of the applicant’s intention and serves as the basis for conceptual discussion between the city and the applicant. The purpose of the review is to allow staff, the park and planning commissions, and the city council an opportunity to guide the applicant as to what is generally expected by the city, and to alert an applicant to potential problems with the proposal. This feedback can then be used by an applicant to make an informed decision on whether to proceed with a formal preliminary plat application. The planning commission reviewed and considered the applicant’s consistency with the intent and purpose of the Comprehensive Plan goals. The sketch plan review did not require any formal approval or denial from the city council; however, the City Council made and seconded a motion to approve the concept/sketch plan for Red Oak Woods to develop 61 housing units on the 21-acre parcel located at 855 Red Oak Lane. This motion carried 4 - 0. (Mayor Fischer absent.)