Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan

Public Comment Now Open

The City of Minnetrista invites the public to view and provide public comment on the City’s SWPPP. SWPPP stands for (Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan). The plan is required by the MS4 Permit which is administered and regulated by the MPCA.  MS4 stands for (Municipal Separate Stormwater Sewer System).  The SWPPP is a working plan that includes the City’s BMPs (Best Management Practices) regarding Minimal Control Measures MCM 1 through MCM 6 which include Education Outreach, Public Participation, Illicit Discharge Detection and elimination, Construction Site Runoff Control, Post-Construction Stormwater Management, and Pollution Prevention and Good Housekeeping.  A copy of the City’s current SWPPP and most recent Annual Report can be found below.

The City will be accepting public comment on the Plan through January 1, 2019.  Click here to complete a SWPPP Feedback Form.