Stormwater Management

The City of Minnetrista will deliver quality services in a cost effective and innovative manner and provide opportunities for a high quality of life while protecting natural resources and maintaining a rural character.

WHAT IS STORMWATER MANAGEMENT (and why do I have to pay for it?)

Whenever it rains or the snow melts, the water flows over the land surface heading to the nearest lake, storm water pond or ditch, carrying with it debris and pollution. This is commonly referred to as stormwater runoff and the City has a legal responsibility to manage surface water in the community. Whether you live in the agricultural district or an urban part of the community, surface water affects everyone in Minnetrista.

In 1987 an amendment to the federal Clean Water Act requiring implementation of a comprehensive national program to address stormwater runoff was enacted. The federal program is called the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System or NPDES. Cities the size of Minnetrista have been required by state and federal law to participate since March 10, 2003.

In 2004, the City adopted a Surface Water Management Plan (SWMP.) Part of this plan assesses problems within the city and recommends corrective action. However, new mandates issued by the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District now require the City to increase its surface water management activity by significantly reducing the phosphorous in area bodies of water.


  • Pick up or rake up trash, leaves and grass from yards, streets and curbs
  • Never dispose of yard waste (or anything else) into ponds or storm darins - the waste contains phosphorus, which causes plants and algae to grow
  • Use biodegradable soaps for outdoor cleaning or washing
  • Sweep driveways and sidewalks instead of hosing them off
  • Pick up pet waste and dispose of it in the trash
  • Maintain healthy sod and grass to limit erosion. Re-seed or re-sod all bare areas to keep stormwater from washing soil particles, which also contain phosphorus, into a storm drain or pond

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