Public Works & Utilities

Minnetrista's Public Works Department strives to continually maintain and improve Minnetrista's streets, roads, parks, natural resources, water and sewer services.  The Public Works Department is responsible for the City's:

  • 18 lift stations
  • 27.72 miles of sewer pipe (approx.)
  • Two flow stations
  • Two water towers
  • Five wells with 28.33 miles of water pipe
  • Play equipment in thirteen city owned parks
  • Two boat ramps
  • One fishing pier
  • 20.28 miles of gravel (approx.)
  • 38.43 miles of paved roads (approx.)
  • 90 miles of ditches
  • All city-owned vehicles, equipment and facilities

****Spring Load Restrictions will be removed from PAVED ROADS beginning Tuesday, May 7, 2019. GRAVEL ROAD restrictions will be removed Friday, May 17, 2019.****

***Trillium Way, Trillium Lane East and Trillium Lane West (4 ton restriction) 
Highland Rd (paved section) and Halstead Drive (5 ton restriction) will be permanent, or until the Metropolitan Council Sewer Improvement project along CR 44 is complete.***

Winter parking guidelines are in effect beginning November 1 and remain in place through March 31.

A letter from our Superintendent regarding Snow Removal Operations



Includes information about gas, electric, recycling, septic, well, sewer, water and solid waste.

Streets and Roads

Includes information about ditch mowing, dust reduction programs, road maintenance, sidewalks, trails, signs, snow removal, surface water drainage, street sweeping, tree trimming and hydrant flushing.

Stormwater Management

Includes information about surface water management, regulations the city is required to meet, how to conserve water, about conservation stewardship programs and more.

Permits and Licenses

Severe Weather Awareness

Wellhead Protection

City Specifications & Detail Plates

Includes information about Minnetrista's utility and construction specifications and detail plates. For more information, contact the Engineering department at 952-241-2535.