The Administration department consists of the City Administrator, Director of Administration, City Clerk, and Customer Service and Communications Assistant. The Administration Department provides a variety of day-to-day services for the City. The Administration Department also provides support for other departments throughout City Hall and makes sure all who are visiting during regular business hours receive the services they need. 

City Administrator

City Administration: The City Council delegates all administrative duties to the City Administrator who is accountable to the Council for effective administration of City business. 

Typical duties include: 

  • Project Coordination
  • Facilitate Public Meetings
  • Oversee Human Resources Operations
  • Supervise Management Staff
  • Liaison between the City Council and other organizations
  • Long-Term and Strategic Planning
  • Labor Relations
  • Policy Research and Implementation
  • General Management of the City 

Director of Administration

Typical Duties include:

  • Human Resources and Benefit Administration
  • Staffing and Compensation of City Employees
  • Communications
    • Printed and electronic communications and activities (Minnetrista Messenger, press releases, email news alerts)
    • Maintenance of website and social media platforms
    • Public Relation and Media Inquiries
  • Project Research and Management
  • Technology Coordinator
    • Maintenance and replacement of City equipment
    • Field inquiries about broadband and internet services
  • Safety and Insurance Programs

City Clerk

Typical Duties Include: 

  • Maintaining official City records and Documents
  • Preparing City Council Agenda and Packet items
  • Recording and Publishing Ordinances, Resolutions, and City Council minutes
  • Issuing permits and licenses
  • Election Administration
  • Data Request Coordination

Customer Service & Communications Assistant

Typical Duties Include:

  • Primary Customer Service Representative
    • Field and direct incoming calls and emails
  • Intake of planning and and building applications
  • Primary scheduler for all field inspections
  • Assist Utility Billing Staff
  • Preparing Certificates of Occupancy and Temporary Certificates of Occupancies
  • Issuance of City Permits