Engineering & Construction

The City of Minnetrista's Engineering activities are contracted through WSB. The consulting staff consists of a Senior Project Manager and Project Engineer. The Engineering department, together with the Public Works department, work to provide Minnetrista community with the most durable, functional, and infrastructure and services possible. The Engineering Department also conducts the administration of all City public works projects ordered by the City Council. The department oversees design, construction and administration of City led projects. 

Typical duties include: 

  • Maintaining an inventory of the City's existing infrastructure as well as long-range planning for improvements of those systems
  • Coordinate with the Community Development department for residential and commercial developments
  • Responding to the public or City Council regarding potential problems with drainage, streets, projects, sidewalks or infrastructure
  • Advise the City Council on future infrastructure improvements to be made
  • Administering the Municipal State Aid funds and ensuring appropriate use
  • Conduct and administer City led projects
  • Provide updates on or revisions to City led projects

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WSB Staff

Senior Project Manager
(612) 263-1736
Project Engineer
(763) 762-2816