Mayor & Council

The Minnetrista City Council consists of a mayor and four councilmember who each serve 4-year terms. City Elections are held in November of even-numbered years. 

The City Council is primarily responsible for making laws, setting policies, adopting budgets, and overseeing a wide-ranging agenda for the community. It also monitors the activities of the city administrator, city attorney, and other municipal departments and operations. Additionally, the Council appoints members to two advisory commissions.

Currently, your representatives are:

Photo of Mayor Lisa Whalen
(612) 900-9556
Photo of Councilmember Ann MacGregor
(612) 449-4286
Photo of Councilmember Cathleen Reffkin
(612) 449-4290
Photo of Councilmember Peter Vickery
(612) 418-6926
Claudia Lacy
(612) 418-8259