Planning Commission

The Planning Commission plays a central role in the planning process in two important ways.   First, it acts as an advisory board to the City Council on all planning and development issues, including the development and maintainence of the Comprehensive Plan.   Second, the commission assures that the Comprehensive Plan is implemented by reviewing development applications on a case-by-case basis.   Just as a building is built one brick at a time, a community vision is built one project at a time.

The Planning Commission consists of seven (7) members and two (2) alternate members who serve as a volunteer advisory commission appointed by the City Council to serve four (4) year terms.  Planning Commissioners are lay people who do not collect a salary or stipend to perform their duties.

Regularly meeting the fourth (4th) Monday of every month,  the commission reviews and recommends actions on matters related to planning and development in light of federal, state, and local regulations and potential environmental effects.  It also listens to testimony from citizens and other interested parties, holding public hearings when required by state and municipal law.  However, the Planning Commission does not have the final word on these issues.   Any action can be appealed to the City Council, which can uphold the commission's decision, overturn it, modify it or send it back for further study.

Current Planning Commission Members:

  • Steve Livermore (term expires 12-27)
  • Damian Young (term expires 12-24)
  • Tricia Taylor (term expires 12-25)
  • Heather Charles (term expires 12-24)
  • Sarah Hussain (term expires 12-25) 
  • Michael Kirkwood (term expires 12-26) 
  • Zak Gangestad (term expires 12-27)

Alternate Members:

  • Lucas Rognli (term expires 12-26)

2024 Planning/Parks Commissioner Application