The Finance Department is responsible for the City's accounting and utility billing activities. It also provides internal support services to all City Departments. 

Finance Director

Typical Duties include:

  • Preparing annual financial report and budget documents
  • Cash management and banking relationships
  • Debt management
  • Administration of Special Assessments
  • Implementation of financial and internal controls
  • Safeguard City Assets
  • Correlates expenditure against approved operating budget
  • Monitors revenues and expenditures for all departments
  • Supervise financial aspect for benefit program
  • General finance management for the City 
Finance Director
(952) 241-2516

Utility Billing & Recycling Coordinator

  • Billing and collection of utility customer payments
    • Respond to resident questions about utilities
  • Reconciling accounts and administering delinquency notices
  • Management of financial statements and account reports
  • Assist in annual audit process
  • Provide clerical and administration support for Public Works
    • Receives incoming telephone calls and responds to questions regarding Public Works
  • Primary scheduler of Public Works related inspections
  • Coordinates recycling program
  • New resident services coordination
Utility Billing & Recycling Coordinator
(952) 241-2528

Associate Accountant, Deputy Clerk

Typical duties include:

  • Payroll process administration
  • Coordination with Director of Administration for implementing benefits programs
  • Accounts payable and general accounting
    • Processes accounts payable for all departments
  • Budget preparation support and assistance
  • Project Accounting
  • Records Management
  • Human Resources support
  • Election administration support
Associate Accountant
(952) 241-2517
General Accounting Inquiries