Metronet Construction in Hunters Crest Neighborhood

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Metronet is coming to the Hunter's Crest Neighborhood.

Metronet will be coming to your area and has contracted with Jordan Drilling to overlay the neighborhood with fiber optics to provide phone and internet services! There will be construction in the Hunter's Crest Neighborhood beginning April 10, 2024 and lasting throughout the summer. Metronet hopes to have to project completed by end of August 2024.

If you have any questions or concerns about the construction, please call 866-292-5382. To learn more about Metronet, click here: You can learn more about the construction process here 

Please note:

The contractors should not be performing any work outside of the City's right of way and there should not be any damage to private property. If residents know of any dog fences, irrigation systems, or other private utilities that may run into the right of way, they may want to find someone to locate and mark. If your private property is damaged and needs restoration, please call 866-292-5382.