Drug Abuse Resistance Education

DARE is taught by a uniformed police officer to students in a classroom setting.  1st and 3rd grade students from Hilltop Primary School are taught about personal safety, stranger danger, what drugs are and saying "No!" to drugs, as well as feelings and avoiding violence.  These classes are taught in 30-minute segments, once a week, for 5 weeks.

Approximately 400 students receive DARE education each year.  The topics covered in the DARE lesson are positive and are aimed to build self-esteem, good character, and citizenship.

The DARE program is an important element in keeping kids safe from drugs and violence.  The continued support from students, teachers, staff, and the community is vital to the success of DARE.
The Minnetrista Public Safety Department takes great pride in serving the students of Westonka High School and Hilltop Primary.  It is our goal to assure that every student graduates from DARE with the information they need to keep safe and become productive citizens in the future.

Officer Nate Hintz is our DARE instructor/School Resource Officer and can be reached at 952-446-1131.

D.A.R.E. Website

DARE helicopter

The Minnesota National Guard Counter Drug Program flew a Black Hawk helicopter to Hilltop Primary School in Minnetrista Oct. 26th.  The annual fly-in is supported by the Minnetrista Public Safety Department's DARE program.