Utility Services and Billing

The mission of the Utility Services is to provide the Minnetrista community with reliable water and sanitary sewer services now and in the future. 

Utility Billing Services and Information

The City of Minnetrista provides water supply, water treatment, and storm sewer services to residential and commercial properties. Below is information that you may need related to these topics. 

Utility Billing:

  •  Utility Bills are sent out quarterly 
    • Quarter 1: Usage from January-March)
    • Quarter 2: Usage from April-June
    • Quarter 3: Usage from July-September
    • Quarter 4: Usage from October-December 
  • Payment for utility Bills are 45 days from the sent day
  • If payment is not received by the due date, a penalty may be charge to the account 

Garbage and Recycling 

Garbage and recycling pick up is every other Friday. 

  • Yellow Route: The residents North of County Road 15 and "Island" residents. 
  • Green Route: The residents South of County Road 15. 

Please have your recycling can(s) set out Thursday night or by 6am on Friday morning and leave them out all day until they have been picked up. 

 If you wish to change your can size at any time, please complete the Recycling Can Change form on the website.