Private Septic & Wells

Many residents in the City of Minnetrista do not have public sewer and water available to them.  Contact information for regulatory agencies for septic systems and wells can be found to the right. General information can be found below.

Please consider reviewing A Homeowner's Guide to Septic Systems from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to help you understand how your septic system works and how to care for your septic system. The University of Minnesota Extension Service also has many good resources for better understanding how your septic system works, how to maintain your septic system, and well management.

Hennepin County regulates all septic systems within the City of Minnetrista and provides septic inspection and an enforcement program to protect surface and ground waters and prevent waterbourne illnesses. They can be reached at (612) 543-5200.

Please consider reviewing A Well Owner's Handbook: A Consumer's Guide to Water Wells in Minnesota from the Well Management Section of the Environmental Health Division of the Minnesota Department of Health to help you understand how your well works and how to care for your well.  The Minnesota Department of Health has many other excellent downloadable brochures and publications regarding specific issues or concerns you may have.

Wells are regulated by the Minnesota State Department of Health . Their phone number is (651) 201-4600.

Septic System Maintenance Checklist